Rock Climbing Safety Tips

The exciting sport of rock climbing could also be a dangerous one. To lessen the risk of falling, you have to take special precaution measures. The key to safety in rock climbing stays in redundancy. You have to always use a backup anchor at a rappel station and a belay. It is recommended to have a backup for your every important piece of gear. As a beginner climber, you need to take extra safety measures, since your life is at risk. Statistics show that beginners are most prone to accidents. Respect climbing dangers and always pay heed to safety tips. Here are some useful rock climbing safety tips:

Always check harnesses
Always check that the harness buckles of the belayer and climber are doubled back after you have secured the rope at the route’s base. Most harnesses feature adjustable leg loops, so it’s also recommended to ensure that they are snug.

Always double check the knots
Be sure to check that the lead climber’s tie-in knot is not tied improperly. This precaution is imperative before you begin your rock climbing adventure. The lead climber’s tie-in knot should have a backup knot at its end. Also, ensure to thread the rope on the harness through both the leg loop and the waist loop.

Don’t forget your climbing helmet
For rock climbing safety, it is essential to wear a proper climbing helmet when belaying or climbing. A helmet can ensure protection for your head in the eventuality of suffering the impact of falling or from falling rocks. Head injuries from rock fall and falls are serious, life-threatening events.

Always check the belay device and the rope
Always check before you adventure to lead a route to ensure you properly thread the rope through the belay device. Also, double-check all attachments. For instance, on belayer’s harness, the rope and belay must be attached from a belay loop to the locking carabiner.

Make use of long ropes
Your climbing rope should be long enough on both multi-pitch routes and a sports route – this is always recommended.

Always pay attention
When you are on a rock climbing adventure, you should pay great attention to what you are doing. Pay attention to the leader above when you’re belaying.

Always bring enough gear
Always determine what items of equipment you might need to bring before you start climbing on a route.

Always take care to clip the rope properly
Ensure to correctly clip your rope.

Always use safe anchors
To be safe, it is recommended to use at least two anchors. By respecting these rock climbing tips you can enjoy practicing your favorite sport in safe and pleasant way. Read more on tips for safety here.

Joshua Hicks